Alexander Technique Lessons with Marcus Sly

  • Would you like to feel more comfortable and at home in your body?

  • Would you like to live with increased energy and vitality?

  • Are you suffering from joint or back pain or repetitive strain injury?

  • Do you want to feel less stressed and more happy, relaxed and confident?

  • Would you like to perform better at an artistic or athletic skill?

Many of our aches, pains, and problems are a result of the way we go about things and the choices we make. The Alexander Technique is about learning to make more effective choices so that we can think and move effortlessly and in balance. It’s a form of mindfulness in action. 

Nature gave us an amazingly clever and robust design which will effortlessly support us in whatever we chose to do if it is given a chance. But bad habits of  thinking, movement and co-ordination, together with the pressures of modern living, can put your body under unnecessary  tension which can result in physical discomfort, low energy, stress, pain and poor performance. The Alexander Technique offers an effective and profound set of principles for letting go of these unhelpful habits so you can live and move in accord with the way nature designed you—helping you to return to balance in the present and to look after yourself in the future. Many people have found that problems caused by poor posture and body use, such as joint pain, bad back and repetitive strain injury, improve or disappear altogether when they learn to carry less stress and tension in their body. 

The lessons have been a revelation to me. I have found a level of ease and awareness which was unthinkable only three months ago, and the pain in my hips is much reduced.
— Jodie Bennett

Alexander teachers use gentle guidance with their hands to help you become more in touch with how you do things and to rediscover how to feel free and well coordinated in movement and at rest. Changes can unfold from this process which can have a surprisingly deep effect on how you feel and function. Many scientific studies have confirmed the benefits of the Alexander Technique. For over a hundred it has helped people to live and move with greater ease and expansiveness, experience greater inner calm, and free themselves from discomfort and pain. The greater freedom in movement, balance and sensitivity it brings can also be of great benefit to performers

Mind & Body

Because the mind and body are so intimately related, letting go of physical tension can also allow unhelpful mental and emotional patterns to release. The Alexander Technique is a gentle way to help you let go of stress or trauma from the past and live with greater freedom and energy in the present. 

I teach individual Alexander Technique lessons and introductory workshops in Midhurst (close to Petersfield, Haslemere and Petworth) and near Chichester, West Sussex. To read more about how the Technique may be able to help you click here.