Discover your natural balance and flow!

  • Would you like to learn how to live with less stress and tension, and feel more at home in your body?

  • Would you like increased energy, vitality, inner clarity and calm?

  • Would you like to perform better at an artistic or athletic skill?

  • Do you want to feel more happy, competent, relaxed and confident?

  • Do you want to maintain good health and functioning as you grow older?

Do your remember the easy feeling of comfort, energy and ease in movement that you enjoyed as a child? We are all have an amazingly clever and robust design which will effortlessly support us in whatever we chose to do if it is given a chance. But as we go through life we may start to develop unhelpful habits of movement and co-ordination which cause unnecessary muscular tension—resulting in physical discomfort, low energy, stress, and poor performance. The Alexander Technique offers an effective and profound set of principles for letting go of these unhelpful habits so you can live and move in accord with the way nature designed you, helping you to return to freedom and balance in the present and to look after yourself in the future.

Because the mind and body are so intimately related, letting go of physical tension can also allow unhelpful mental and emotional patterns to release. The Alexander Technique is a gentle way to help you let go of stress or trauma from the past and live with greater freedom and energy in the present.  

The lessons have been a revelation to me. I have found a level of ease and awareness which was unthinkable only three months ago!
— Jodie Bennett

I teach individual Alexander Technique lessons and introductory workshops in Midhurst (close to Petersfield, Haslemere and Petworth) and near ChichesterWest Sussex. To read more about how the Technique may be able to help you click here.